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It is all about  jilla movie. It is a norm of Ilayathalapathy’s to surprise the crew with a present, on the Last Judgement of shooting. Keeping this up, once director Raja packed informed the Last Judgement of ‘Velayudham’, everybody was thirstily awaiting Vijay’s gift. however the painful wait came to associate degree finish solely within the evening once Vijay bust the news, that clad to be a surprising surprise to everybody. All the assistant and associate administrators were to narrate a story to Vijay, and also the gift he offered was his decision sheet for shooting his favorite script! awestricken, the seven associates and Raja himself were at a loss of words. Vijay had assured that if the actual director wasn’t willing to helm the project like a shot, he would still have the supply open, and volitionally perform at the proper time.


It took Ilayathalapathy to listen to everybody out, and it had been Nesan, WHO came out in of this exercise, clinching the chance for ‘Jilla’, that happens to be the actor’s favorite of all the opposite stories. Vijay has declared that at any time, if any of the others wished to roll out the project, he would offer utmost preference to them. If anyone puzzled why Vijay continues to stay the celebrated Ilayathalapathy, then it’s for this simplicity in him.

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